Two workshops are scheduled for Thursday, 2 Jan, 16:00-18:00. Please register for either workshop with the provided contacts.

Student and ERC Workshop

Science Communication: Beyond the Manuscript

Date: Thursday, January 2nd
Time: 4-6 pm
Room: Capitol Room

Facilitators: Dr. Josh Thienpont & Dr. Jérôme Marty


More detailed information can be found in the posters below (French and English version available), if you have any questions you can contact Kristen Coleman

Data Science Workshop

Data Wrangling with {tidyverse} Pipelines

Date: Thursday, January 2nd
Time: 4-6 pm
Room: Academy Room

Facilitator: Danielle Quinn, Instructor Trainer/Instructor for The Carpentries and RStudio, and helpers!


The tidyverse is a collection of R packages designed for data science. All packages share an underlying design philosophy, grammar, and data structures, making it easier for users to write readable, flexible code to tackle a wide range of data challenges. In many disciplines, including fisheries and wildlife sciences, these tools are becoming increasingly popular and represent a valuable research skill set!

Prerequisites: Basic R Knowledge

Q. I don't know if I meet the suggested prerequisite!
- Do you know how to look at the first few rows of a data frame in R?
- Do you know the difference between numeric data and character data in R?
- Do you know how to apply a function in R?
- Do you know how to print a specific column from a data set in R?

A. If you've answered "yes" to at least two of the above questions, you are ready for this workshop! If you're uncertain, please reach out - I'm happy to discuss your concerns and help you determine if this workshop is right for you!

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Subset and summarise data frames in a readable, reproducible way using {dplyr} functions.
  2. Clean and merge data using {tidyr} and {dplyr} functions.
  3. Create workflows (pipelines) to accomplish tasks including subsetting, manipulating, and summarising data to generate figures and tables.
  4. Use code-folding techniques to organize and navigate your R scripts.

Preworkshop Instructions:

  1. Install R and RStudio
  2. Install the {tidyverse} packages

Please come prepared! If you have any problems, I will be holding "office hours" before the workshop to help you set up the software.